Monday, May 18, 2009

Ivkovic confirms Milicic's european plans

Head coach of Serbia National Team, Dusan Ivkovic spoke to the official FIBA website and explained why Darko Milicic(2.13-C) is not in the selection of the national team of Serbia and he confirms Milicic's plans to play in Europe. Below is an extract from his interview:

Milicic won't be in Poland, either.

"Darko is at an important point of his life," Ivkovic said.

"His main attributes are grit and victorious spirit, and he explained to me that he has lost that since he played in team which is not among the best in NBA.
"Milicic wants to re-gain that spirit by playing in Europe. He's still in doubt whether or not to return. Also, he's got a wedding coming up, on May 23, and after that he'll become a father.

"He wouldn't be fully concentrated on the national team, and that was the reason he was left.
"But, of course, I really hope we'll have a good time at his wedding party in Novi Sad."

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